Monday, 18 June 2012

Cheese and wine!

My BFF came over for a visit this last weekend and we had a fabulous time catching up. We decided to stay in and have some girl time and gossip over a delicious cheese plate and imbibe some great 2009 Shiraz from Jacob's Creek winery in Australia along with some water and butter crackers. Before we knew it, it was four hours later, the bottle was empty and the cheese was almost gone. The cracker plate had maybe half a dozen left on it. I did luckily take a picture of the plate before we descended upon it.

It contains a ripe Brie, a smoked Gouda and of course, garlic and herb Boursin - because no cheese plate is complete without this soft garlicy, herby goodness! So delicious paired with the fruit and wine.

My friend and I both come from backgrounds that conversation always centres around food and wine, and even though we had not seen each other for some time, it was like we saw each other only the day before. I so enjoyed my time and it made me realise I need to slow down and enjoy my time a little more. So that means! Da da da! More time in the kitchen! Because that is where I really enjoy being. In the mean time, enjoy the pic!

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