Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back in the kitchen!

Tonight was the first night back in the kitchen after that horrendous infection from the cat bite on my finger.

I made something very simple - had to pace myself, but from scratch: marinara sauce and spaghetti. It was so yummy.

Last week I had roasted some roma tomatoes and put them in the freezer as I didn't have time to make the sauce right away. I pulled them out tonight and made some yummy sauce for my spaghetti. The trick to get a great tasting sauce is to cook slowly. I started out around 3:30 and ended around 7-ish.

Simple ingredients: olive oil, butter, onions, green, yellow and red peppers, roasted tomatoes, coarse salt, fresh cracked pepper, dried oregano and dried basil. It was a bit runny/watery after the first hour and a half, so I added a tin of tomato paste. It was heaven to eat! My husband had two helpings! I was tempted, but remembered my resolutions.

So, I'm back in the kitchen baby! And I love it. LOVE IT! Can't wait to cook something from my new cookbooks I got for Christmas.

I've attached some pics for you to enjoy!

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